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At the end of his marriage, David leaves on a business trip to give his wife much-needed space. When airplanes start mysteriously falling out of the sky and cell towers fail across the nation, he finds himself trapped. The Earth falling to an alien invasion, David fights to return to whatever is left of home.

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Blake Webb - "David Madison"

Blake began taking acting courses just one month before being casted in the feature film "Alienate". Since that time, he has been in high demand booking 6 feature length films in 4 different states in 2014 alone.

Tatum Ponce - "Amy Madison"

With the look of Rose Byrne and the tenderness of Rachel McAdams, Tatum Ponce brings the character of Amy to life. Tatum co-starred on Grey's Anatomy in 2014.

Jaclyn Hales - "Samantha Hayes"

Starring in the 2012, Unicorn City, Jaclyn switches gears and brings a maturity to the role of Samantha. Jaclyn also appears regularly on the LAHWF YouTube channel.

Cuyle Carvin - "Brad Klick"

Cuyle has starred alongside of industry vet William Sadler, Paul Sorvino and Nick Wechsler in Mineville (2011). He's been the lead in over 15 independent feature films including Alienate, Terminal Legacy and Alien Opponent alongside Roddy Piper and Jeremy London.

Michael Shumway - Director, Editor, Composer

With only one short film directing credit, "Alienate" is Michael's feature lengh directorial debut. Michael's love for the film medium drives him to be involved in every step of the filmmaking process.

Rick Hansberry - Writer

Rick believes 'story is king.' He gravitates toward stories about real people in extraordinary circumstances. Rick continually strives to entertain and inspire audiences with his award-winning shorts and feature-length screenplays.

Brent Rowland - Cinematographer

As a grad student currently at the University of Utah, Brent takes "Alienate" as his first feaure length film as cinematographer. His unique perspective and story-first approach to lighting and composition sets Brent apart as a rising talent in the film industry.
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Join the cast and crew for the world premiere of Michael Shumway's directorial debut "Alienate" starring Blake Webb, Tatum Ponce, Jaclyn Hales, and Cuyle Carvin. The premiere will be in Salt Lake City, UT at the Jeanne Wagner Theatre. Date TBD.

Red Carpet Premiere

Screen the film with the cast and crew. Red Carpet press event before the screening.

NOTE: Black Tie Event. All ages welcome.

VIP Reception

Join the stars of Alienate at the VIP Reception (After Party). Space is limited.

NOTE: Black Tie Event. Complimentary drinks and food will be served at the reception. Must be over 21 to attend the VIP reception.